Dale City Neighborhood

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Dale City

Dale City was created by real estate developer Cecil Don Hylton in the 1970’s. It is one of the largest subdivisions in Woodbridge and spans over 15 square miles.

Each of the communities (often referred to as neighborhoods) ends in 'dale'. The streets along Dale Boulevard (generally) proceed alphabetically when followed from East to West starting from Gideon Blvd. and ending at Hoadly Rd.: Ashdale, Birchdale, Barksdale, Cherrydale, Cloverdale, Darbydale, Evansdale, Forestdale, Glendale, Hillendale, (I and J were skipped), Kerrydale, Kirkdale, Lindendale, Mapledale, Nottingdale, Oakdale, Princedale, Queensdale, Ridgedale, Silverdale, and Trentdale. Street names in each neighborhood all begin with the first letter of the neighborhood.

Real estate developments are done by Hylton Realty and Hylton Enterprises Inc and new neighborhoods continue to be built today. There is a wide choice of property available which includes Single family homes, condominiums and townhouses.

Dale City is near Potomac Mills Mall, the second largest shopping mall in Northern Virginia, and the largest outlet mall in the United States. It has everything from schools to hospitals and shopping malls to golf courses. Across from the Nottingdale and next to the Mapledale community is Andrew Leitch Park. This neighborhood park is home to Waterworks Waterpark. Some of the features at the water park include a beach pool entry, enclosed speed slide, circular open slide, three jungle walks, baby pool, beach volleyball, shade pavilions, and full-service concessions.


  • Within the community of Dale City there are multiple commuter lots to board the express commuter bus to the PENTAGON and WASHINGTON, DC
    • Minnieville & Dale Blvd
    • Hillendale & Dale Blvd
    • Lindendale & Dale Blvd
  • The same parking lots are home to a SLUG LINE with rideshare opportunities to both the Pentagon and Washington, DC locations
  • Local buses run regulary throughout the neighborhood as well as other areas of Prince William County.
  • Approximately 15 minutes to MCB Quantico
  • The Virginia Railway Express (VRE) is only a short drive away